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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1966Solar cycle and annual variations of Sq(H) at AlibagYacob, A.; Rao, D. Radhakrishna
1967Sunspot cycle and seasonal variations in the position and intensity of the equatorial electro] et in the Indian regionRao, K.N.; Rao, D.R.K.; Rao, K.S. Raja
1967Seasonal change in the position of the equatorial electrojet in Indian regionRao, D.R.K.
1968Power spectra of geomagnetic pulsations during November 1960 stormsBhargava, B.N.; Rao, D.R.K.
1969Secular variation of geomagnetic elements at AlibagRao, D.R.K.; Bansal, R.K.
1970Equatorial variation of the 27-day oscillation in the horizontal intensityBhargava, B.N.; Rao, D.R.K.
1971Magnetic stabilization of transverse plasma instabilitiesButi, B.; Lakhina, G.S.
1971On the amplitudes of diurnal and semi-diurnal components of geomagnetic variationRangarajan, G.K.
1971Lunar partial tides in H at AlibagRao, D.R.K.; Sastri, N.S.
1971Separation of lunar daily geomagnetic variations into parts of oceanic and ionospheric origin in the Indian regionSastri, N.S.; Rao, D.R.K.
1972Lunar and luni-solar variations of the geomagnetic field in the Indian regionRao, D.R.K.
1973Electromagnetic instabilities in non-uniform anisotropic plasmasButi, B.; Lakhina, G.S.
1974Annual variation of L(H) and S(H) at AlibagRao, D.R.K.; Arora, B.R.
1974Intermediate coupling model description of 55Fe and 57FeDikshit, J.J.; Singh, B.P.
1975Geomagnetic spectrum unbiased by noise 8 to 60 daysRangarajan, G.K.
1975Signal processing in geophysicsRangarajan, G.K.
1975On the association of lunar daily variations in H at Alibag with the degree of magnetic activityRao, D.R.K.; Arora, B.R.
1975A Study of night time variations during magnetic storms at coastal Indian stationsRajagopal, A.S.; Nityananda, N.; Singh, B.P.
1975Induction in short-period events in the Indian peninsulaNityananda, N.; Rajagopal, A.S.; Agarwal, A.K.; Singh, B.P.
1975Geomagnetic depth soundingSingh, B.P.