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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1966Solar cycle and annual variations of Sq(H) at AlibagYacob, A.; Rao, D. Radhakrishna
1967Sunspot cycle and seasonal variations in the position and intensity of the equatorial electro] et in the Indian regionRao, K.N.; Rao, D.R.K.; Rao, K.S. Raja
1967Seasonal change in the position of the equatorial electrojet in Indian regionRao, D.R.K.
1968Power spectra of geomagnetic pulsations during November 1960 stormsBhargava, B.N.; Rao, D.R.K.
1969Secular variation of geomagnetic elements at AlibagRao, D.R.K.; Bansal, R.K.
1969Seperation of magnetic substorm fields fo mantle conductiviy studies in the western united statesOldenburg, Douglas William
1970Equatorial variation of the 27-day oscillation in the horizontal intensityBhargava, B.N.; Rao, D.R.K.
1971Magnetic stabilization of transverse plasma instabilitiesButi, B.; Lakhina, G.S.
1971On the amplitudes of diurnal and semi-diurnal components of geomagnetic variationRangarajan, G.K.
1971Lunar partial tides in H at AlibagRao, D.R.K.; Sastri, N.S.
1971Separation of lunar daily geomagnetic variations into parts of oceanic and ionospheric origin in the Indian regionSastri, N.S.; Rao, D.R.K.
1971Studies of disturbances in the F-region of the ionosphereRajaram, Girija
1972Lunar and luni-solar variations of the geomagnetic field in the Indian regionRao, D.R.K.
1972Studies of radio wave propagation in the lower ionosphereChakravarty, Subhash Chandra
1972Some studies of the geomagnetic field in low latitudesRao, D.R.K.
1973Electromagnetic instabilities in non-uniform anisotropic plasmasButi, B.; Lakhina, G.S.
1974Annual variation of L(H) and S(H) at AlibagRao, D.R.K.; Arora, B.R.
1974Intermediate coupling model description of 55Fe and 57FeDikshit, J.J.; Singh, B.P.
1974A study of the north american central plains conductivity anomalyAlabi, Adeniyi Oluremi
1975Geomagnetic spectrum unbiased by noise 8 to 60 daysRangarajan, G.K.