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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A 20-ka climate record from Central Himalayan loess depositsPant, R.K.; Basavaiah, N.; Juyal, N.; Saini, N.K.; Yadava, M.G.; Appel, E.; Singhvi, A.K.
2008210Pb, 230Th, and 10Be in Central Indian Basin seamount sediments: Signatures of degassing and hydrothermal alteration of recent originNath, B.N.; Borole, D.V.; Aldahan, A.; Patil, S.K.; Mascarenhas-Pereira, M.B.L.; Possnert, G.; Ericsson, T.; Ramaswamy, V.; Gupta, S.M.
201622 July 2009 total solar eclipse induced gravity waves in ionosphere as inferred from GPS observations over EIAKumar, K. Vijay; Maurya, A.K.; Kumar, Sanjay; Singh, Rajesh
2016The 25 April 2015 Nepal Earthquake: Investigation of precursor in VLF subionospheric signalMaurya, A.K.; Venkatesham, K.; Tiwari, P.; Vijaykumar, K.; Singh, Rajesh; Singh, Ajay K.; Ramesh, D.S.
2000630 nm nightglow observations from 17 degree N latitudeMukherjee, G.K.; Carlo, L.; Mahajan, S.H.
2015Abnormal quiet day variations in Indian region along 75° E meridianBhardwaj, S.K.; Rao, P.B.V. Subba; Veenadhari, B.
2013Absence of streaming plasma waves around noontime over Thumba in recent times: Is it related to the movement of the dip equator?Sekar, R.; Gupta, S.P.; Acharya, Y.B.; Chakrabarty, D.; Pallamraju, D.; Pathan, B.M.; Tiwari, D.; Choudhary, R.K.
2018Accuracy of Coordinate Estimation for Static GPS StationsJayendra, Garike
2013The activities at world data center for geomagnetism Mumbai, IndiaDoiphode, M.G.; Nimje, R.; Alex, S.
2014Advanced meteor radar installed at Tirupati: System details and comparison with different radarsRao, S. Vijaya Bhaskara; Eswaraiah, S.; Ratnam, M. Venkat; Kosalendra, E.; Kumar, K. Kishore; Sathishkumar, S.; Patil, P.T.; Gurubaran, S.
2006Aeromagnetic data analysis for the identification of concealed uranium deposits: a case history from Singhbhum uranium province, IndiaAnand, S.P.; Rajaram, M.
2002Aeromagnetic data to probe the Dharwar cratonAnand, S.P.; Rajaram, M.
2001Aeromagnetic image of a part of peninsular India, Geological survey of India, 2001: A reviewRajaram, M.
2014Aeromagnetic signatures of Precambrian shield and suture zones of Peninsular IndiaRajaram, R.; Anand, S.P.
2007Aeromagnetic signatures of the cratons and mobile belts over IndiaAnand, S.P.; Rajaram, M.
2000Aeromagnetic study of peninsular IndiaHarikumar, P.; Rajaram, M.; Balakrishnan, T.S.
2017The afternoon counter-electrojet current system along the 75°E meridian during the IEEYBhardwaj, S.K.; Rao, P.B.V. Subba
2002Air-Earth Current and its Seasonal Variation at the Continental Station, TirunelveliDurairaj, S. John
2004Air-Earth Current Measurement using Long Wire AntennaIlayarajan, T.
2006Airglow and other F-layer variations in the Indian sector during the geomagnetic storm of February 5-7, 2000Mukherjee, G.K.