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Title: Geophysical attributes to evaluate subsurface structural features using ground magnetic data in parts of Karimnagar district, Telangana
Authors: Laxminarayana, M.
Mathur, Ram Raj
Anand, S.P.
Keywords: Eastern Dharwar Craton
Geophysical attributes
Total Magnetic Field
Ground magnetic data
Kaddam Lineament
Kinnerasani Godavari Fault
Karimnagar Granulite Belt
Deccan Volcanic Province (DVP)
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Journal of Indian Geophysical Union, 21/ 6, 457-464
Abstract: To decipher both the shallow and deeper features related to Godavari and Kaddam Rivers and the lineaments present in the eastern margin of Deccan Volcanic Province (DVP) in the Indian Precambrian shield, a total field ground magnetic survey was carried out around Jagtial town, Karimnagar district, Telangana. The total field anomaly map based on 653 magnetic observations acquired at 300 m station interval reveals a combination of NE-SW, NNE-SSW and NW-SE trends, which coincide with the trends in the earlier observed aeromagnetic anomaly map of the region. The Reduction-to-pole (RTP) map also reveals lineaments that trend in the NW–SE and NE–SW with varying wavelength and amplitude. From the analysis of magnetic data we have mapped the north-west extension of the Kinnerasani Godavari Fault (KGF). From our observations the Kaddam Lineament Zone (KLZ) has been deciphered to be bounded by the Kaddam Lineament to the north and Kinnerasani Godavari Fault (KGF) to the south forming a small linear basin. Both the Kaddam Lineament and the KGF appear to be deep seated lineaments/faults. Also, the north-west extension of charnockites within the KLZ, which form the basement for the deposition of Proterozoic sediments, have been delineated. Results of the present study detailed in this paper may help to understand better some of the structural features in this region, which had not been ascertained in earlier studies.
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