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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Generation of low frequency waves by energetic particles in space plasmasSreeraj, T.
2019Electromagnetic induction studies in Saurashtra regionPachigolla, Venkata Vijaya Kumar
2019Study of electrostatic turbulence in the solar wind-magnetosphere plasma having non-thermal particle distributionRubia, R.
2018Crustal deformation and geodynamics of India-Eurasia collision zone and adjoining regions from inversion of GPS and seismicity dataPonraj, M.
2018Near-earth and space weather studies by very low frequency (VLF) waves in low latitude regionVenkatesham, K.
2018A study on the characteristics of the equatorial spread F (ESF) irregularities and their variabilitiesSreekumar, Sreeba
2018Study of ionospheric variabilities in the equatorial and low latitude regionSingh, Dupinder
2018Studies on the evolution and dynamics of equatorial plasma bubbles (EPBs) using equatorial atmosphere radar (EAR)Ajith, K.K.
2017Multi-Technique study of the dynamics of equatorial E-regionYadav, Virendra
2017Magnetosphere/Ionosphere remote sensing using lightning discharges generated VLF and whistler mode wavesGokani, Sneha A.
2016Studies on equatorial and low latitude ionospheric electrodynamics and coupling processes during geomagnetically quiet and disturbed periodsKumar, Sandeep
2016Study of sub-auroral dynamics using integrated measurementsBehera, Jayanta Kumar
2016Investigation of magnetic field measurements recorded by low earth orbiting satellitesThomas, Neethal
2016Physical understanding and mathematical modeling of geomagnetic field variations during disturbed magnetosphere-ionosphere systemBhaskar, Ankush
2016Investigation on Solar-interplanetary and magnetosphere coupling and geoeffectivenessSelvakumaran, R.
2016Environmental magnetic and geochemical studies of palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction in Krishna-Godavari basin, Andhra Pradesh, IndiaJujjuru, L.V. Mahesh Babu
2015Investigation of near earth space environmentManu, S.
2015Geophysical characterization of tectonic elements along the western continental margin of India and the Andaman-Sumatra Arc- Trench systemNair, Nisha
2015Studies of temporal and spatial structures of ultra-low-frequency (ULF) waves in earths magnetosphereJayashree, B.
2014Magnetic investigations of urban pollution at Mumbai and Nashik, Maharashtra, India: Mineral magnetic method as a pollution proxyDas, P.K.