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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Dromion solutions for nonlinear electron acoustic waves in space plasmasGhosh, S.S.; Sen, A.; Lakhina, G.S.
2002Lower E-region MF radar spaced antenna measurements over magnetic equatorRamkumar, T.K.; Gurubaran, S.; Rajaram, R.
2003L-band scintillation activity and space-time structure of low-latitude UHF scintillationsBhattacharyya, A.; Groves, K.M.; Basu, S.; Kuenzler, H.; Valladares, C.E.; Sheehan, R.
2002A detailed study of equatorial electrojet phenomenon using Ørsted satellite observationsJadhav, Geeta; Rajaram, M.; Rajaram, R.
2002Rapid decrease in total magnetic field F at Antarctic stations - its relationship to core–mantle featuresRajaram, G.; Arun, T.; Dhar, Ajay; Patil, A.G.
2001Mean winds, tides and gravity waves during the westward phase of the mesopause semiannual oscillation (MSAO)Gurubaran, S.; Rajaram, R.
2001Response of geomagnetic variations and 30 MHz riometer absorption, at Indian Antarctic station MAITRI, to conditions of “zero” and “high” solar windRajaram, G.; Dhar, Ajay; Kumar, S.
2002Anomalous width variation for rarefactive ion acoustic solitary waves in the presence of warm multi-ionsGhosh, S.S.; Sekar Iyengar, A.N.
2001Broadband electrostatic noise due to nonlinear electron-acoustic wavesSingh, S.V.; Reddy, R.V.; Lakhina, G.S.
2002Mapping of the simultaneous movement of the equatorial ionization anomaly (EIA) and ionospheric plasma bubbles through all-sky imaging of OI630nm emissionMukherjee, G.K.