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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Morphology, mineralogy and magnetic susceptibility of epikarst-Terra Rossa developed in late Quaternary aeolianite deposits of southeastern Saurashtra, IndiaKhadkikar, Aniruddha S.; Basavaiah, N.
2004Micropaleontology and Mineral magnetic evidences of the Holocene mudflats of Navlakhi, Gulf of KachchhRajshekhar, C.; Gawali, P.B.; Mudgal, T.R.; Reddy, P.P.; Basavaiah, N.
2004Late Quaternary geomorphology, palynology and magnetic susceptibility of playas in western margin of the Indian Thar DesertDeotare, B.C.; Kajale, M.D.; Rajaguru, S.N.; Basavaiah, N.
2004Late Quarternary climate changes reconstructed from mineral magnetic studies from proglacial lake deposits of Higher Central HimalayaBasavaiah, N.; Juyal, N.; Pant, R.K.; Yadava, M.G.; Singhvi, A.K.; Appel, E.
2004Environmental magnetism and its application towards palaeomonsoon reconstructionBasavaiah, N.; Khadkikar, A.S.
2004Use of magnetic susceptibility for identification of mangrove deposits in vibrcores from deltaic environmentsSeetharamaiah, J.; Basavaiah, N.; Chakraborty, S.; Rao, K.Nageswara; Khadkikar, A.S.
2004Palaeoenvironments around the Harappan Port of Lothal, Gujarat, western IndiaKhadkikar, A.S.; Basavaiah, N.; Gundurao, T.K .; Rajshekhar, C.
2005Changes in the source and transport mechanism of terrigenous input to the Indian sector of Southern Ocean during the late Quaternary and its palaeoceanographic implicationsThamban, M.; Naik, S.S.; Mohan, R.; Rajakumar, A.; Basavaiah, N.; D’Souza, Witty; Kerkar, Sarita; Subramaniam, M.M.; Sudhakar, M.; Pandey, P.C.
2006Late Quaternary glaciation and seismicity in the Higher Central Himalaya: evidence from Shalang basin (Goriganga), UttaranchalPant, R.K.; Juyal, N.; Basavaiah, N.; Singhvi, A.K.
2005A 20-ka climate record from Central Himalayan loess depositsPant, R.K.; Basavaiah, N.; Juyal, N.; Saini, N.K.; Yadava, M.G.; Appel, E.; Singhvi, A.K.