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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Rapid decrease in total magnetic field F at Antarctic stations - its relationship to core–mantle featuresRajaram, G.; Arun, T.; Dhar, Ajay; Patil, A.G.
2001Response of geomagnetic variations and 30 MHz riometer absorption, at Indian Antarctic station MAITRI, to conditions of “zero” and “high” solar windRajaram, G.; Dhar, Ajay; Kumar, S.
2008Diurnal variation of potential gradient and current density observed at Maitri and their relevance to carnegie curveJeeva, K.; Nair, K.U.; Dhar, Ajay; Pathan, B.M.; Gurubaran, S.
2000Rapid decrease in total magnetic field intensity at Indian Antarctic station MaitriArun, T.; Patil, A.G.; Dhar, Ajay; Rajaram, G.
1999Three-station magnetometer experiment at Antarctica during Jan-1996 to determine the velocity of disturbed-time overload auroral current systemsDhar, Ajay; Patil, A.; Sankaran, S.; Rajaram, G.
2000Velocity of small-scale auroral current systems over MAITRI, Antarctica in Jan 1997Elango, P.; Gudade, A.L.; Sankaran, S.; Dhar, Ajay; Rajaram, G.
1999Study of total magnetic field intensity variation (F) at Maitri, Antarctica variations over 1922-1996Patil, A.; Dhar, Ajay; Sankaran, S.; Rajaram, G.
2008Application of Global Positioning System (GPS) for glacier studies at schirmacher oasis, East AntarcticaSunil, P.S.; Reddy, C.D.; Ponraj, M.; Dhar, Ajay
2002Diagnostics of magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling over Indian Antarctic station Maitri, from magnetometer and riometer observations during the optical auroral event of 4–5 March 1999Rajaram, G.; Arun, T.; Dhar, Ajay
1997Dependence of HF Radio communication between India - Antarctica on seasonal and geomagnetic conditions and some anomaliesSridharan, M.; Dhar, Ajay; Rajaram, G.