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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1968Power spectra of geomagnetic pulsations during November 1960 stormsBhargava, B.N.; Rao, D.R.K.
2006Airglow and other F-layer variations in the Indian sector during the geomagnetic storm of February 5-7, 2000Mukherjee, G.K.
2008Influence of coronal mass ejections on global electric circuitKumar, C.P. Anil; Panneerselvam, C.; Nair, K.U.; Selvaraj, C.; Gurubaran, S.; Rajaram, R.; Jeeva, K.
2008Geomagnetic field variation during winter storm at localized southern and northern high latitudeDevi, Babita; Dubey, Smita; Saini, Shailendra; Devi, Rajni; Wahi, Rashmi; Dhar, Ajay; Vijay, S.K.; Gwal, A.K.
2008Effect of interplanetary magnetic field and disturb storm time on H componentDevi, Rajni; Dubey, Smita; Saini, Shailendra; Devi, Babita; Dhar, Ajay; Vijay, S.K.; Gwal, A.K.
2009Large enhancements in low latitude total electron content during 15 May 2005 geomagnetic storm in Indian zoneDashora, N.; Sharma, S.; Dabas, R.S.; Alex, S.; Pandey, R.
2009Fuzzy mathematical model for the analysis of geomagnetic field dataSridharan, M.
2011Unusual optical observations of OI greenline during a geospace event on 1 February 2008Narayanan, V. Lakshmi; Gurubaran, S.; Emperumal, K.; Patil, P.T.
2012Corotating interaction region (CIR) induced magnetic storms during solar minimum and their effects on low-latitude geomagnetic field and ionosphereVeenadhari, B.; Kumar, Sandeep; Tulasiram, S.; Singh, Rajesh; Alex, S.
2014Effect on the amplitude of magnetic field component of transmitted electromagnetic wave during geomagnetic stormKumar, Rajesh