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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003L-band scintillation activity and space-time structure of low-latitude UHF scintillationsBhattacharyya, A.; Groves, K.M.; Basu, S.; Kuenzler, H.; Valladares, C.E.; Sheehan, R.
1999Deterministic retrieval of ionopsheric phase screen from amplitude scintillationsBhattacharyya, A.
2002Characterizations of the diurnal shapes of OI 630.0 nm dayglow intensity variations: inferencesChakrabarty, D.; Sekar, R.; Chandra, H.; Narayanan, R.; Pathan, B.M.; Subbarao, K.S.V.
2001Appraisal of electromagnetic induction effects on magnetic pulsation studiesArora, B.R.; Subbarao, P.B.V.; Trivedi, N.B.; Padilha, A.L.; Vitorello, I.
1992A new method for detecting the projection of magnetospheric oscillations into the ionosphereRajaram, R.; Ruohoniemi, J.M.; Greenwald, R.A.; Baker, K.B.
2005Review of electromagnetic coupling between the Earth's atmosphere and the space environmentSiingh, Devendraa; Singh, R.P.; Kamra, A.K.; Gupta, P.N.; Singh, Rajesh; Gopalakrishnan, V.; Singh, A.K.
2003Collisional Rayleigh-Taylor instability and shear-flow in equatorial Spread-F plasmaChakrabarti, N.; Lakhina, G.S.
2006Airglow and other F-layer variations in the Indian sector during the geomagnetic storm of February 5-7, 2000Mukherjee, G.K.
2006Space weather effects on low latitude geomagnetic field and ionospheric plasma responseVeenadhari, B.; Alex, S.
2013Modeling and observations of the north–south ionospheric asymmetry at low latitudes at long deep solar minimumBalan, N.; Rajesh, P.K.; Sripathi, S.; Tulasiram, S.; Liu, J.Y.; Bailey, G.J.