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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Strength of the equatorial electro jet and geomagnetic activity control on VHF scintillations at the Indian longitudinal zoneBanola, S.; Pathan, B.M.; Rao, D.R.K.
2008Diurnal variation of potential gradient and current density observed at Maitri and their relevance to carnegie curveJeeva, K.; Nair, K.U.; Dhar, Ajay; Pathan, B.M.; Gurubaran, S.
2002Characterizations of the diurnal shapes of OI 630.0 nm dayglow intensity variations: inferencesChakrabarty, D.; Sekar, R.; Chandra, H.; Narayanan, R.; Pathan, B.M.; Subbarao, K.S.V.
2001Daytime equatorial geomagnetic H field response to the growth phase and expansion phase onset of isolated substorms: Case studies and their implicationsSastri, J.H.; Rao, J.V.; Rao, D.R.K.; Pathan, B.M.
2003Equatorial spread F: Statistical comparison between ionosonde and scintillation observations and longitude dependenceIyer, K.N.; Jivani, M.N.; Pathan, B.M.; Sharma, S.; Chandra, H.; Abdu, M.A.
2001Geomagnetic coast and other effects deduced from the new observatory at Visakhapatnam, IndiaSrivastava, B.J.; Abbas, Habiba; RamaGopal, T.; Rao, D.R.K.; Pathan, B.M.
1999Solar flare effects on the geomagnetic elements during normal and counter electrojet periodsRastogi, R.G.; Pathan, B.M.; Rao, D.R.K.; Sastry, T.S.; Sastri, J.H.
2001On latitudinal profile of Storm Sudden Commencement in H, Y and Z at Indian Geomagnetic Observatory chainRastogi, R.G.; Pathan, B.M.; Rao, D.R.K.; Sastry, T.S.; Sastri, J. H.
1999Extended main phase of some sudden commencement great geomagnetic storms with double SSCsSrivastava, B.J.; Abbas, Habiba; Rao, D.R.K.; Pathan, B.M.
2001On the generation of ionospheric E region irregularities during equatorial counter electrojetRastogi, R.G.; Pathan, B.M.