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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Response of geomagnetic variations and 30 MHz riometer absorption, at Indian Antarctic station MAITRI, to conditions of “zero” and “high” solar windRajaram, G.; Dhar, Ajay; Kumar, S.
2001Auroral zone plasma waves detected at polar: PCBL wavesTsurutani, B.T.; Arballo, J.K.; Galvan, C.; Zhang, L.D.; Lakhina, G.S.; Hada, T.; Pickettd, J.S.; Gurnettd, D.A.
2001Polar cap boundary layer waves: An auroral zone phenomenonTsurutani, B.T.; Arballo, J.K.; Galvan, Carlos; Lakhina, G.S.; Hada, Tohru; Pickett, Jolene S.; Gurnett, Donald A.
2005Rapid evolution of magnetic decreases (MDs) and discontinuities in the solar wind: ACE and ClusterTsurutani, B.T.; Guarnieri, F.L.; Lakhina, G.S.; Hada, Tohru
2006Long-period magnetic disturbances or Pc5 events aboard INTERBALL-Auroral and POLARBochev, A.; Nenovski, P.; Lakhina, G.S.; Sinha, A.K.
2006Extended period of low density solar wind - ground geomagnetic signaturesPathan, B.M.; Dhar, Ajay; Hanchinal, A.; Selvaraj, C.
2006Storm time magnetic field variations at low latitude and its association with solar wind parametersVichare, Geeta; Alex, S.
2007Comment on “Comment on the abundances of rotational and tangential discontinuities in the solar wind” by M. NeugebauerTsurutani, B.T.; Lakhina, G.S.; Verkhoglyadova, O.P.; Echer, Ezequiel; Guarnieri, Fernando L.
2009Low-latitude geomagnetic response to the interplanetary conditions during very intense magnetic stormsRawat, R.; Alex, S.; Lakhina, G.S.
1999Intermediate electromagnetic turbulence at cometsVerheest, F.; Lakhina, G.S.; Tsurutani, B.T.