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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Broadband plasma waves in the boundary layersLakhina, G.S.; Tsurutani, B.T.; Kojima, H.; Matsumoto, H.
2003The extreme magnetic storm of 1–2 September 1859Tsurutani, B.T.; Gonzalez, W.D.; Lakhina, G.S.; Alex, S.
2001Auroral zone plasma waves detected at polar: PCBL wavesTsurutani, B.T.; Arballo, J.K.; Galvan, C.; Zhang, L.D.; Lakhina, G.S.; Hada, T.; Pickettd, J.S.; Gurnettd, D.A.
2002Relationship between discontinuities, magnetic holes, magnetic decreases, and nonlinear Alfvén waves: Ulysses observations over the solar polesTsurutani, B.T.; Galvan, C.; Arballo, J.K.; Winterhalter, D.; Sakurai, R.; Smith, E.J.; Buti, B.; Lakhina, G.S.; Balogh, A.
2003Magnetic field turbulence, electron heating, magnetic holes, proton cyclotron waves, and the onsets of bipolar pulse (electron hole) events: a possible unifying scenarioTsurutani, B.T.; Dasgupta, B.; Arballo, J.K.; Lakhina, G.S.; Pickett, J.S.
2001Polar cap boundary layer waves: An auroral zone phenomenonTsurutani, B.T.; Arballo, J.K.; Galvan, Carlos; Lakhina, G.S.; Hada, Tohru; Pickett, Jolene S.; Gurnett, Donald A.
2002Phase-steepened Alfvén waves, proton perpendicular energization and the creation of magnetic holes and magnetic decreases: The ponderomotive forceTsurutani, B.T.; Dasgupta, B.; Galvan, C.; Neugebauer, M.; Lakhina, G.S.; Arballo, J.K.; Winterhalter, D.; Goldstein, B.E.; Buti, B.
2002Particle transport in 3He-rich events: wave particle interactions and particle anisotropy measurementsTsurutani, B.T.; Zhang, L.D.; Mason, G.L.; Lakhina, G.S.; Hada, T.; Arballo, J.K.; Zwickl, R.D.
2001Interplanetary Shocks, Magnetopause Boundary Layers and Dayside Auroras: The Importance of a Very Small Magnetospheric RegionTsurutani, B.T.; Zhou, X.Y.; Vasyliunas, V.M.; Haerendel, G.; Arballo, J.K.; Lakhina, G.S.
2001Auroral zone dayside precipitation during magnetic storm initial phasesTsurutani, B.T.; Zhou, X.Y.; Arballo, J.K.; Gonzalez, W.D.; Lakhina, G.S.; Vasyliunas, V.; Pickett, J.S.; Araki, T.; Yang, H.; Rostoker, G.; Hughes, T.J.; Lepping, R.P.; Berdichevsky, D.